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Character descriptions

Wed Dec 21, 2011, 12:14 PM


Translator: schiotka :heart:
Editor: JacquelineMonaie :heart:

*Author notes available regarding Nivan and Marcin at the beginning of chapter one of Echoes of the Past*

A few facts about my Original Characters:


:bulletred: Nivan Horangi
Age: 24
Birthday: July 23 [Leo]
Height: 6'1"
Build: normal, large well-built shoulders and muscular arms.
Posture: sometimes slightly hunched, chillin', but more often stiff and confident. [he has the tendency to raise his chin and look at people from above - an arrogant remnant from the old days].
Style of dress: sporty and loose. Normally cool printed sweatshirts, which hide tight boxer style tee shirts, jeans, often with lowered crotch. Always rainbow-coloured socks. Prefers dark colours which he combines with very intense colours.
Eyes: kiwi green.
Hair: long orange/red [natural black]
Marks: one side of his head shaved with cut-out patterns, horn, industrial, "asian" nose, polynesian tattoo on the chest and shoulder.
Animal symbol: lion.
Origins: Korean and Polish.
Family: parents, grandfather and older brother [brother has a wife and little daughter].
Relationship: Marcin.
Previous important relationships: Rav, Josh, Nathan, Ake
Orientation: homosexual [he has a little aversion to women]. He did come out, and his family currently accepts his being homosexual.
Best Friends: definately Alex, Firyal and Matt are next. In the past Nimue was his best mate [her grandma is in an unofficial relationship with Niv's granddad].
Job: currently studying IT [second year] also works as a hacker together with Nazarij and Alex for Rott.
Interests: computers, hacking, games, reggae music, taekwondo, and aikido.
Favorite genre of music: reggae, indie rock.
Pets: spider Batman - Brachypelma Boehme - male [previously - red fat rabbit - Batman xD]
Alcohol: any beer in a green bottle.
Cigarettes: he likes Red ones, sometimes he'll grab a joint.
Perfume: Hugo Boss.
Past: he had his own hacking group that consisted of four people [himself, Alex, Sonia and Rav]. He did a lot of controversial things, had drug related problems and was violent. He was a little emotionless- mostly a pompous jerk with big ambitions. A tragedy changed him - the death of his lover - which made him realise a lot of things.
Character: not really talkative, malignant, always going for the soft spots. He is intelligent and astute. A little lazy and grumpy at times, but with a big heart. Always ready to help, he is incredibly loyal and will defend those who he cares for. The "I'm-mean-to-you-but-I-won't-let-anyone-hurt-you" type. Tender and caring. Resourceful, he values his independence and personal space. Talented. With a very good memory and a logical, math oriented mind. It's difficult for him to open up to people and talk about his feelings. Deeds are far more important to him than words. Strong. Mostly calm, difficult to upset. Able to laugh at himself, likes good fun. Conveniently perceptive -Sometimes he pretends not to notice certain behaviours. Doesn't like to brag.
Curiosities: good cook. Currently attending takewondo classes, and exercises in his free time. He has a black and expensive racer motorbike. He likes order, computers are his holy grail. Likes to sleep next to the wall. He would like to have a big dog and his own flat.

:bulletred: Marcin Mazur
Age: 24
Birthday: April 17 [Aries]
Height: 5'10"
Build: slim [almost skinny]. Agile. He has long fingers.
Posture: confident, usually stands with his legs wide apart and hands in his pockets. Head held high.
Style of dress: punk-rock leather jackets with lots of belts/straps and locks, tube or fitted pants with lots of accessories. Long, black, simple boxer-style shirts and combat boots with lots of different straps and buckles. Prefers three colors: black, burgundy and dark violet.
Eyes: brown.
Hair: black [previously blond] mohawk.
Marks: wry nose, tattoos of snakes and other reptiles extending from the neck through the shoulder to the left hand, with the theme of a broken ground [earthquake] on the right calf, on his lower belly "It won't suck itself", spider-bites on the right side of the mouth [currently removed] - now lip ring in the middle, cross-earrings, "mohawk"- piercing, bridge in the nose and bridge in the eyebrows.
Animal symbol: snake and cyjon.
Origins: Polish.
Family: he has no siblings. Average relationship with mum and good one with his dad, although he keeps his homosexuality a secret from them.
Relationship: Nivan.
Previous important relationships: Kres, Artur, Nathan.
Job: he studied IT through the Polish Education System in Poland, and after three years received the degree of Engineer. He then started on the two year course to Magister, which he abandoned to pursue his music career. He is now a lead singer in a punk/posthardcore band.
Interests: singing, music, computer science, freerunning.
Favorite genre of music: punk rock, rock, post hardcore.
Pets: milk snake - Robin and rainbow boa - Flash [both females].
Alcohol: vodka, beer, and anything else that is not whiskey.
Cigarettes: he'll smoke whatever he'll get in his paws.
Perfume: only rarely [borrow something from Niv or Firka].
Past: in the past, Marcin was quite shy, a lost little boy. He attended a music academy where he played the piano. He often found himself in trouble because of his insolent attitude.He resigned from it in favor of IT school where he met Nivan, they both were quickly joined by a passion for computers. Thanks to that friendship he changed a lot, becoming more confident. The friendship didn't last long. They had a "misunderstanding" that caused them to go their separate ways. Their paths crossed again in college.
Character: he has two faces: seemingly self-confident, little arrogant. Narcissistic, strong and domineering. Temperamental a little aggressive. Inside however, still confused and uncertain, not being able to deal with the intensive and risky life he's leading. Not able to control his sexual urges. Addicted to sex. Needs physical contact to keep himself balanced. Gets easily addicted to people. The "it wasn't me" type. Very honest in his opinions, sociable and outspoken. Doesn't get disheartened very easily. Warm, hearty and simple in behaviour. Not interested in pretending and cheating. Gets bored quickly, doesn't like to sit in one place for too long. He's a perfectionist in what he currently does.
Curiosities: only sleeps on a mattress on the floor, or in bed with a man. Has troubles sleeping and eating. Messy, he uses his floor for everything. Loves american superhero comics. Has aversion to buttons. Loves straps, zippers and  snaps. He has a small visual impairment, which he tries to hide. He's wearing contact lenses. He has a fetish related to backs. Likes hardcore sex: bondage and strangulation. Has a lithe body. Vocally, a good screamer and growler.

:bulletred: Firyal Azhar
Real name: Faris
Age: 27
Birthday: October 3 [Libra]
Height: 5'10" (+ hight heels)
Build: slim, lightly muscled, long legs.
Posture: loose, warm.
Style of dress: a rock chick, her clothes are tight. She likes brave unusual combinations; leggings, long tee-shirts, leather jackets and always high heels.
Eyes: brown
Hair: currently black with dark purple fringe [naturally dark brown] with bangs, shaved on the sides.
Marks: two moles under her left eye, one at right, mostly geometric tattoos on different parts of the body, earrings, hair colour changes often.
Animal symbol: black panther.
Origins: Arab [mother from Tunisia] and Polish.
Family: her twin brother, Illyas and her parents. Her relationship with her parents is really bad since they are religious and do not accept her choices.
Relationship: single.
Previous relationships: Nimue.
Orientation: bisexual.
Job: she owns a nar and is a tattoo artist. She plays the electric guitar in a rock band with Marcin and is the band leader.
Interests: fashion, photography, music.
Favorite genre of music: punkrock, alternative rock.
Alcohol: cheap wine, vermouth, beer, cocktails.
Perfume: citrus.
Cigarettes: menthol slim.
Past: to deny her feminine identity, Firyal went into the army and there learned a lot of truths about herself. She left and decided to just be herself.
Character: strong, resourceful. Honest and  observant. Helpful and loyal. Open, tolerant and sociable. "So simple and yet so complicated". Orderly. Warm. Firm and charismatic if need be. Not afraid of saying what's on her mind, but prefers to stay out of it.
Curiosities: she loves to have a good meal and drink. Consumes large amounts of food and she's notoriously hungry, with a good metabolism. She has her own flat that she currently rents out to Niv and Marcin. She can throw in a good punch, she's athletic.She is transgender- with a male body and female personality. She is working on building  her relationship with her brother, Illyas.

:bulletred: Winter
Age: 29
Birthday: November 1 [Scorpio]
Height: 6'2"
Build: well build.
Posture: flippant, loose, a bit hunched.
Style of dress: 80-ties rock style.
Eyes: blue
Hair: light blonde.
Marks: pierced nose, light skin tone.
Animal symbol: white wolf.
Origin: Norwegian.
Family: ?
Relationship: eternally single, of his own choosing.
Orientation: ?
Job: famous vocalist.
Interests: ?
Favorite genre of music: psycho-rock, electro-rock, classic music.
Alcohol: vodka.
Cigarettes: chain-smoker.
Perfume: smells of cold and snow ; ).
Past: he had a tragic period in his life, connected with the death of someone that was close to him. He was discovered very early by his manager as a boy with an angelic voice. He became famous very quickly.
Character: sociopath, Seems to be quite cold, unapproachable, flippant, confident, insolent, intriguing. Intelligent and smart.
Curiosities: he's left-handed. He has a great talent for languages. Linguistic genius. He is fluent in: Norwegian, English, Polish, French, German, Russian, and Yiddish. He can at least communicate in several others, but would not be considered fluent. Currently, he left his band in pursuit of new musical talents.

:bulletred: Rotten [Rott]
Real name: Gabriel Arsène
Age: 22 [although he appears and acts much older]
Birthday: September 19 [Virgo]
Height: 5'8"
Build: very slim [ribs are visible].
Posture: straight, confident, stiff.
Style of dress: elegant, wears black suits a lot, but everyday he's more a tee and jeans type of guy.
Eyes: light blue.
Hair: black.
Marks: long hair, arranged, and always worn in low pony hair. A wide fox smile. Narrow eyes.
Animal symbol: viper.
Origins: Japanese and French.
Family: comes from a broken family, his mother was a drug addict and a prostitute. He found out about his brother later in life. They were very close for a time. After the death of their mother their paths separated again.
Relationship: engaged with Katzu [27 June] [in the past his second personality was simultaneously in love with Sessue, his current Boss].
Orientation: homosexual.
Alcohol: wine, tequila.
Cigarettes: no.
Perfume: ?
Job: works for drug cartel [as the head of the security].
Interests: work - since he devotes a lot of time to it.
Past: the situation forced him into prostitution at a very young age. Sessue was one of his clients, he's his current boss - Sessue took him in and took care of him, and now Rott is very loyal to Sessue.
Character: at present he has an aura of stoic calm despite his rather explosive temperament. Intriguing and magnetic. Protective of others. Ironic. He has a dominant character despite his slight build. Cold, sometimes cruel and mean. He needs to feel independent, needs to have control over what he's doing. Very inteligent.
Curiosities: he has a split personality disorder. One side of him is very protective over the other causing temporary memory, morality and feeling losses. despite not being well educated  he has a very good memory thanks to which he now can pride himself in a vast knowledge.


:bulletgreen: Nazar-Nazarij Sorokin [Назар-Назарий Сорокин]
Age: 20
Birthday: 2 February [Aquarius]
Height: 5'11"
Build: slim, but he has wide well build shoulders.
Posture: he rarely lifts his head. He has an unpleasant menacing stare. Often keeps his hand in his pockets.
Style of dress: wife-beaters, big, zipped sweatshirts, tight jeans
Eyes: light blue, almost white.
Hair: dark brown close shaved at the sides, a little longer in the middle.
Marks: tattoos on his neck [?] jail tatts - a dot with a moon between his thumb and forefinger a sign for a night thief, butterfly on his foot a dot between his lip and nose marking his as a cocksucker
Origin: Polish and Russian.
Birthday: Novosibirsk.
Family: older brother still in jail. He has good relations to his brother, who he thinks is the only one he can trust.
Relationship: single.
Orientation: hetero.
Job: hacker.
Interests: hacking, computers, kramp.
Favorite genre of music: rap, dub-step.
Alcohol: vodka.
Cigarettes: red ones.
Perfume: soap.
Past: comes from a good middle class family. After his parents sudden death they started to rob houses with his brother. In the meantime he earned his living with hacking as well. One night they were caught and prosecuted for a crime they did not commit. His brother to save him took the guilt on himself, but Nazar still had to serve his time for other offences. The time in jail was very hard on him.
Character: clever with analytical and sharp mind, haughty, inaccessible, and confident. A dodger who likes good fun. A little lost, looking for support, loyalty and warmth. With low self esteem, scared of criticism and of being judged.

:bulletgreen: Alex Tremar
Age: 25
Birthday: 2 December [Sagittarius]
Height: 5'7"
Build: lean, small.
Posture: a bit hunched, loose but often energetic with straight back.
Dress: loose, sporty, big hoodies, loose pants with low crotch. Always with headphones around his neck.
Eyes: dark blue.
Hair: light blonde [natural dark brown].
Marks: dreadlocks, small flesh tunnels.
Origin: polish and Jamaican.
Family: gran.
Relationship: with Matt.
Orientation: homosexual.
Job: programming.
Interests: hacking, computers, games, reggae, history, fantasy.
Favorite genre of music: reggae.
Past: he practically didn't know his parents at all. Mum died giving birth to him, dad broke down because of it and left, leaving him with his gran who became the only family he had. Alex turned out to be a little genius, but gran couldn't afford extended education for him. He found his way to a hacking group where he met Nivan, who quickly became his guru, and then transformed, into his best buddy.
Character: energetic, cheerful. He seems to be all over the place. Talks a lot. He seems to be an ADHD kid. He can be serious and helpful and supportive when it counts. Intelligent with massive knowledge of history. But never conceited or arrogant about it. He's not aware of how brilliant he is. Lacks independance.

:bulletgreen: Matt
Age: 28
Birthday: 10 may [Taurus]
Height: 6'3"
Build: normal, lean.
Posture: straight, confident.
Style of dress: depends on the situation, everyday-loose, wears a lot of metal-band tees, but he feels comfortable in a suit as well.
Eyes: green.
Hair: bald [but his brows are dark].
Marks: nice goatee.
Origin: polish.
Family: two brothers and parents.
Relationship: with Alex.
Orientation: homosexual.
Job: programming in a big corporation.
Interests: movies, metal and reggae, computers.
Favorite genre of music: rock-metal.
Past: Matt worked in a competing hacking group. Met Alex in a chat room. Despite big differences they like each other and are still in a relationship. After Rav's death, Alex's and Nivan's depression because of it, he decided not to hack ever again.
Character: serious, crude, hard. Well mannered, pedantic, accurate. He has his own rules that he abides by. He knows how to deal with Alex by not ordering him around. Tender and protective.

:bulletgreen: Rav
Age: 22 [he would be 26 now]
Birthday: 1 June [Gemini]
Died: 16 September [Nivan was 20 then]
Height: 5'11'
Build: lean with good looking long torso.
Posture: straight, loose.
Style of dress: colourful, shalwar kameez, scarves which he tied his head with.
Eyes: brown.
Hair: long and black.
Marks: nose and ears pierced. Black or colourful dreadlocks plaid in his hair.
Origin: Japanese and Indian.
Family: younger brother Rott, mum.
Relationship: he was in an open relationship with Nivan.
Orientation: bisexual.
Job: hacking.
Interests: computers, India, buddhism.
Favorite genre of music: reagge.
Past: ?
Character: sharp, nimble, quick-witted, confident never a doormat. A bit lost sometimes.

:bulletgreen: Sonia
Age: 27
Birthday: ?
Height: 5'7"
Build: slim, petite silhouette.
Posture: straight, a little stiff.
Dress: convenient, simple, but emphasizing the female charm.
Eyes: green.
Hair: short, blond.
Marks: pierced nose, a lot of earrings in the ears.
Origin: Russia.
Family: ?
Relationship: ?
Orientation: heterosexual.
Job: in Nivan's hacking group she was responsible for strategy and planning. She was selecting the hacking objectives.
Interests: maths.
Favorite genre of music: R&B.
Past: ?
Character: Intelligent, a little cold. Always following through.

:bulletgreen: Jake
Age: 24
Birthday: 13 June [Gemini]
Height: 6'
Build: nice with wide shoulders.
Posture: loose hunched.
Dress: rock.
Eyes: dark brown.
Hair: black.
Marks: tatts on his neck, lip piercing, dark skin.
Origin: Polish and Brazilian.
Relationship: single.
Orientation: apparently hetero but who knows that for sure?
Job: studying IT [with Marcin].
Interests: music, music, music.
Favorite genre of music: punk rock, indie rock.
Past: ?
Character: a bit egocentric, mean, malignant. Loyal, friendship is of a high value to him.
Curiosities: he plays bass guitar with Marcin and Firyal in the band. He met Marcin at  the IT college. He and Zbychu know each other for years.

:bulletgreen: Zbychu
Age: 25
Birthday: 8 March [Pisces]
Height: 5'9"
Build: a bit overweight, well build shoulders.
Posture: loose.
Dress: loose, with punk-rock elements.
Eyes: light blue.
Marks: freckles, patterns shaved on the sides of his head.
Origin: Polish.
Relationship: in relationship.
Orientation: hetero.
Job: studying musical education.
Interests: music.
Favorite genre of music:like too much.
Past: ?
Character: mild, friendly, likable, nice.
Curiosities: plays drums in the band with Marcin, Jake and Firka.

:bulletgreen: Lif
Age: 21
Birthday:16 December [Sagittarius]
Height: 5'5"
Build: slim, petite
Posture: a little stiff
Style of dress: street wear, a little rock but still girly
Eyes: blue
Hair: long brown
Marks: usually unconventional hairdos, piercing - monroe, earrings, bird tatoo on her neck
Origin: English
Family: parents, only child, uncle - Halvar
Relationship: single
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Job: attends a very good private music school
Favourite music genre: classic and indie pop
Interests: music and fashion
Character: intelligent, confident, cocky [conceited], spoiled. Always gets what she wants.
Very sure of her abilities. Has talent for linguistics [learns new languages quickly] as well as the musical one.

:bulletgreen: Sessue
Age: 34
Birthday: 2 February [Aquarius]
Height: 6'8"
Build: very well build.
Posture: noble, stately, confident.
Dress: elegant.
Eyes: blue.
Hair: black [white fringe].
Marks: goatee, earring.
Origin: Japanese.
Relationship: complicated with Ukyo.
Orientation: homosexual.
Job: Drug Lord.
Past: he became drug lord at a very young age, but it was known straight away that he was in the right place for him.
Character: gallant at first glance, nice, good-hearted. He can be ruthless though and cold. Charismatic. Confident. Has his own rules that he follows. Violence is his last resort. He is good at keeping his position, and very discreet about it.

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